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Protecting commercial buildings, retail stores, schools, and homes is our mission. Whether you are designing a new building or retrofitting an existing property, if the goal is to keep intruders out, we can tailor a solution to meet your specific needs. Surveillance cameras, alarm systems, and patrol services are invaluable, but those don’t do one important thing: physically keep intruders out. Glass doors and windows are your building’s Achilles’ heel.

Standard glass is never a match for a rock, hammer, brick, gun, or a bomb. How do you protect what matters most? To varying degrees, all of our security glass offerings protect against forced entry, ballistic attacks, or bomb blasts. Additionally, all are virtually invisible and undetectable, yet perform a vital function in a tumultuous world. Which is right for your property? Most often it comes down to threat assessment versus budget.

For complete details on the ultimate store front defense, Riot Glass.

Safety and Security Window Films

In today’s social climate, Safety and Security are a top priority. Best Sun Control provides a wide variety of Safety and Security window films and proud to be Wisconsin’s only Riot Glass dealer.

All of our security glass offerings protect against forced entry, ballistic attacks, or bomb blasts

Smart Window Film

All smart film is customized and comes with smart switch. This switch allows you to turn "on" and "off" the privacy film.

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