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Installing window film to your windows is a great and cost effective way to reduce glare on computer screens, save on cooling cost, increase your security and add to the appearance of your building. We are also very excited to provide Cloaking Film! This is the latest technology in privacy films. Designed specifically for businesses, Cloaking Film allows sight through the window but blacks out most TV, computer and cell phone screens. Great for conference rooms and offices that could have sensitive information displayed on screens, yet keep the open feel of glass walls.

Why Get Commercial Window Film?

Need more privacy & security not just film?We provide a wide variety of Safety and Security window films and are proud to be Wisconsin's only Riot Glass dealer.

Riot Glass

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All of our security glass offerings protect against forced entry, ballistic attacks, or bomb blasts​

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All services are tailored to your needs, for either residential or commercial purposes.

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Don't wait until you have to deal with clean up fees, stolen property, or business downtime.

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Every business is different which is why our team is ready to answer any concerns that may be specifically to your business. Contact an expert to discuss customizations and get your free quote. ​

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